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Shabari offers fruit to Rama & Lakshmana at the Matanga ashram

Food is the new art, because it is an art most of us can truly enjoy consuming. So, it isn’t surprising that food culture and the need to eat and experience new flavours and cuisines is a very popular interest throughout the world’s urban centres. Like movies before it, it is fast becoming that common interest that a large number of people get to share and identify with. It was inevitable that as the interest grew, more people would want to talk about it. Food related sites and blogs are ever growing in popularity, and food and restaurant review blogs are a large part of that movement.

Esther Tseng gave a presentation at WordCamp L.A. 2010 titled Food Blogging in WordPress. It was a good introduction to the field, with tips and insights into how best to go about it from someone who has been food blogging for a while. The video of her presentation is below to be watched (audio quality is quite bad). My notes and links to related and resources follow, for those who prefer text, and to read my own additions.

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