About Content Deliverance

Content delivery is a practical concern and Content Deliverance is a source of practical and useful information on the subject.

The internet has opened up a whole new realm of publication mediums in the form of websites, digital syndication streams, video sharing, and a never-ending list of platforms and technologies. Understanding and using these involves not only some knowledge of basic technologies but also the specifics of using content management systems and other software that keeps your content accessible and interactive for your audience.

Content Deliverance aims to be a helpful resource in explaining all of those things, the ideas, the techniques, the technologies, and the solutions to creating and putting content and information online. Having said that, the offline world cannot be forgotten, and content delivery through more traditional means, or newer non-digital and digitally-assisted means will also be covered.

Who I am

Samir Bharadwaj. Designer, writer and illustrator at ContentDeliverance.com
My name is Samir Bharadwaj and I am a designer. I have always tried to be one in the broadest sense of the term, immersing myself, not only in the aesthetics, but also the functional aspects of every medium I’ve worked in. With over a decade of experience in both print and digital mediums, I hope to provide the kind of practical information about content and publishing here that I wish I had at times. This site is designed to meet my needs, which I hope makes it as useful to others in the field.

More about me and my other projects can be seen at SamirBharadwaj.com

What’s with the fish?

The Content Deliverance logo, along with being an graphical acronym of the title, also has a story behind it. The fish refers to one of the avatars of Vishnu, the preserving and balancing deity in the Indian mythos. In his Matsya Avatar, Vishnu took the form of a giant fish and helped guide the ship holding the last remnants of humanity and life to safety during the deluge. More importantly, the Matsya Avatar saved and delivered the Vedas, the source of all human knowledge to a new age. A more appropriate and extreme example of content delivery I couldn’t think of, and so it sits in the masthead and at the end of every article as our icon.

Content Deliverance