Content Strategy Tips

Beyond the technologies and media for delivering information and content to audiences, there are human and non-technical strategies and ideas about how to best deliver your message to your target group, and how best to manage your web site or other content distribution vehicle. This field of study is now referred to with a fancy name, and these are tips about this content strategy beast.

Dangers of the Appify and Cloudify Mania

Maricha disguised as a golden deer

There are always new toys in the world of technology, and people who either make these new toys, or have decided to be on their team, are ever telling us, the creators and disseminators of information, how their pet concept is the new game-changer in town. There is usually some truth in these claims, often […]

Advantages of Timeless Content

Ganesha transcribing the Mahabharata as narrated by the sage Vyasa

There is a lot of noise made about the fact that content is king, but as with everything else, all content is not created equal and it comes in many flavours. Time is an important factor in the importance of information. Based on its timeliness, content can be broadly divided into that which is timely […]